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flowing processes for over 65 years

BLOKSMA Engineering - a Name that has become a synonym for professional material flow and technically mature workpiece carriers. It began in 1949 with a mechanical production and has developed since then to an absolute specialist for efficient production logistics.

With BLOKSMA's world of products we have become the leading full-range supplier in the field of inhouse logistics in Germany. Today we advise companies, regardless of size, industry and products on all aspects relating to material flow and load unit handling. We optimize existing plants, equipment and production processes and help reduce the increasingly hidden and incidential production costs.

The members of our service teams and system consultants are pleased to assist you with detailed and customized solutions individually tailored to your specifications and requirements. There are various possibilities for your optimal material flow.


  • In 1949 Hendrik Marinus Bloksma founded BLOKSMA GmbH for the manufacture and repair of automotive water coolers in Germany.
  • In 1958 Herman A. Bloksma entered the company at the age of 18. 
  • In 1972 the first products for optimizing material flow were developed by BLOKSMA 
  • In 1978 Herman A. Bloksma had the first container tipping devices  patented 
  • In 2004 Dirk Herman Hendrik Bloksma took over management and operations.
  • He constantly implements his version of an all-in service for production and committed to green logistics. BLOKSMA substainly represents both, an obligation and motivation.