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Button instead of muscle power:
Lifters ensure ergonomic workplaces.
As a premium manufacturer, BLOKSMA offers a choice
of pneumatic, electric or electro-hydraulic Lifters.

BLOKSMA Lifters are effective from the ground up. They comfortably bring loads to working height, thus protecting the health of your employees and reducing access times, downtime and handling costs. Custom manufacturing, modular basic design and unparalleled flexibility allow our Lifters to be adapted to any requirement.
The choice is yours: stationary, mobile or semi-mobile, highly flexible, tandem or stand-alone? Pneumatic or electric? Front or side loading? Unloaded or swiveling under load? With sensory height detection or manual control?
Whatever you decide: BLOKSMA Lifters are all about ergonomics and economy.
On this site we offer PDFs for download and videos / photos for viewing and inspiration.




Lifters – front loading

Lifter – electric

Lifter – pneumatic

Lifters – side loading left

Lifter – electric

Lifter – pneumatic

Lifters – hydraulic (for heavy loads)

Lifter – hydraulic





1. Tiltable lifters


2. Lifters with sensor technology (height detection / extension control)


3. Lifters with safety systems

4. Lifters with transport rollers

5. Lifters for workpiece carriers

6. Lifters with special functions

7. Lifters with automated refill option

8. Lifters for pallets

9. Twin and tandem lifters

10. Lifters as stacking cells





Lifters in the Working Environment