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Quality made to measure for automated manufacturing.
From small and light to large and heavy - BLOKSMA offers
customized Workpiece Carrier Systems for Automated
Manufacturing. In over 2,500 individual designs!

Workpiece Carriers have become indispensable for automated manufacturing. Due to the continuously decreasing component sizes, they can no longer be handled by human hands. Workpiece Carriers are used to hold workpieces and transport them safely to their destination. The geometry of the workpieces determines the design of the carrier systems. For this reason, Workpiece Carriers by BLOKSMA are individually designed depending on the task. The Rapi-Prototyping-Process already ensures the highest possible precision during the development of your system. We also focus entirely on your needs in other respects: Depending on the requirements of the components to be transported, you can choose between different materials - and of course in your required dimensions and with fixed or variable part removal.



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